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AG3335M series is a highly integrated System-in-Package (SiP), low-power, RFSoC GPS receiver with an application processor, GPS L1 and L5 receiver, a power management unit (PMU) and a 4MB flash.
AG3335M series contains an ARM® Cortex®-M4F application processor that can operate in a range of frequencies between 26MHz and 530MHz, and achieve high performance and power efficiency with Level one cache (L1 cache).
The GPS subsystem contains the RF and baseband circuits, which are able to track L1+L5 satellites at the same time, and search GPS satellites using the L1 circuit.
The PMU contains five ultra-low quiescent current low-dropout linear regulators (LDO) to provide a stable power source for the internal and external devices.

The SiP package technology combine the main die, PMU and flash. This significantly reduces the product size and provides more features in the same space.

Multi –GNSS receiver
·       L1 and L5 dual-band GNSS receiver (*)

·       Multi-Constellation GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/ BeiDou/NavIC/QZSS receiver

·       Support for SBAS ranging, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN

·       Integrated 12 multi-tone active interference cancellers

·       RTCM ready (RTCM v2.3 and v3.3)

·       Indoor and outdoor multi-path detection and compensation

 Software features

·       EPOTM orbit prediction

·       EASYTM self-generated orbit prediction

·       LOCUSTM logger function

·       Support for time service application, which is achieved by the PPS vs NMEA feature

 Microcontroller subsystem

·       530MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU and MPU

·       MCU operating frequency at 26, 192, 384, and 530MHz

·       17 DMA channels

·       One RTC timer, eight 32-bit general purpose timers

·       Development support: SWD, JTAG

·       Crypto engine

o   AES 128/192/256 bits

o   SHA-1/224/256

·       True random number generator

·       Secure boot, anti-clone, and anti-rollback

·       JTAG password protection

·       Up to 664KB SYSRAM, with zero-wait state and 265MHz maximum frequency

·       80KB retention SRAM

·       Up to 32KB L1 cache, with high hit rate, zero-wait state and 530MHz maximum frequency

·       Support for external SPI SRAM

o   Maximum speed 26Mhz

·       AESOTF (AES on-the-fly) to secure the data stored in flash

 Communication interfaces

·       USB 2.0 device

·       One SDIO 2.0 master

·       Two I2C master (3.4Mbps) and one I2C slave interfaces

·       Three UART interfaces (3Mbps, with hardware flow control)

·       Two SPI masters and one SPI slave

·       Three PWM channels

·       4 channel 10-bit AUXADC (PinMux with GPIO), maximum input voltage 1.8V

·       Embedded thermal sensor

Power management

·       Integrated LDO regulators with low quiescent current for RTC, RF frontend and GPIOs

·       Support for external wakeup

·       Over-current and thermal overload protection

·       Under voltage lockout protection

·       Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C
Clock source

·       Support 26/48MHz TCXO

·       Support 32kHz crystal oscillator for RTC


·       3.8mm x 4.2mm x 0.86mm TFBGA with 0.4mm ball pitch


(*) AG3335MN only support IRNSS in L5-band.