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AG3331 is a high-performance single-chip multi-GNSS solution that includes CMOS RF, digital baseband, ARM7 CPU and embedded NOR flash. It's able to achieve the industry's highest level of sensitivity, accuracy and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with the lowest power consumption. Its small footprint lead-free package and minimal additional BOM requirements provide significant reductions in the design, manufacturing and testing resources required to create devices.

The main features that help reduce device BOM are:

· Built in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) that eliminates the need for an external antenna.

· Built-in image-rejection mixer that removes the need for an external Surface Acoustic  Wave (SAW) filter.

· Built-in automatic center frequency calibration band pass filter that means an external filter is not required.

· Built-in power management that enables AG3331 to be easily integrated into your system without an extra voltage regulator. With both linear and highly efficient switching type regulators embedded, AG3331 supports direct battery connection and doesn’t need an external low-dropout (LDO) regulator, which offers flexibility in circuit design.


In addition, 12 multi-tone active interference cancellers (ISSCC2011 award) can eliminate the need to design interference cancelation, simplifying PCB design. The integrated Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) with Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) provides excellent phase noise performance and fast locking time. A battery backed-up memory and a real-time clock are also provided to accelerate location acquisition at system restart.

AG3331 supports various location and navigation applications, including GPS, BeiDou, SBAS ranging (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN and MSAS), QZSS, DGPS (RTCM) and A-GPS.

The excellent low-power consumption characteristics of AG3331 (37 mW for acquisition and 27 mW for tracking) means that — without changing the specified battery — power sensitive devices, especially portable applications, will be able to offer device users longer operating times. Combined with advanced software features including EASY™, EPO™ and LOCUS™, AG3331 provides always-on positioning with minimal average power consumption. These great features provide you with outstanding performance for portable applications, such as DSC, mobile phones, PMP and gaming devices.





·        GPS/BeiDou receiver

·        Supports multi-GNSS including QZSS and SBAS ranging

·        Supports WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN

·        12 multi-tone active interference cancellers (ISSCC2011 award)

·        RTCM ready

·        Indoor and outdoor multi-path detection and compensation

·        Supports FCC E911 compliance and A-GPS

·        Maximum fixed update rate up to 10 Hz


Advanced software features

·        EPO™ orbit prediction

·        EASY™ self-generated orbit prediction

·        LOCUS™ logger function

·        Supports time service application, which is achieved by the PPS vs NMEA feature.


Reference oscillator

·        TCXO

o   Frequency: 16.368 MHz, 12.6 ~ 40.0 MHz

o   Frequency variation: ±2.5 ppm

·        Crystal

o   Frequency: 26 MHz, 12.6 ~ 40.0 MHz

o   Frequency accuracy: ±10 ppm


RF configuration

·        SOC, integrated in single chip with CMOS process





·        Up to 158 MHz processor clock

·        Dynamic clock rate control



·        8Mb internal flash

·        External SPI serial flash of up to 128 Mb





Pulse-per-second (PPS) GPS time reference

·        Adjustable duty cycle

·        Typical accuracy: ±10 ns


Power scheme

·        Built-in 1.8 volts Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

·        Direct lithium battery connection (2.8 ~ 4.3 volts)

·        Built-in 1.1 volts RTC LDO, 1.1 volts core LDO and 2.8 volts TCXO LDO


Built-in reset controller

·        Does not need an external reset control IC




Internal real-time clock (RTC)

·        32.768 kHz ± 20 ppm crystal

·        1.1 volts RTC clock output

·        Supports external pin to wake up AG3331


Backup mode

·        A Force_On pin to simplify the backup mode application circuit




Serial interfaces

·        3 UARTs

·        SPI and I2C

·        GPIO interface (up to 16 pins)



·        NMEA 0183 standard V4.1 and backward compliance

·        Supports 219 datums



·        Acquisition: -148 dBm (cold) / -163 dBm (hot)

·        Tracking: -165 dBm




Ultra-low power consumption (GPS)

·        Acquisition: 37 mW

·        Tracking: 27 mW



·        VFBGA: 4.3 mm x 4.3 mm, 57 balls, 0.5 mm pitch




Slim hardware design

·        Mimimun solution footprint of 52 mm2

·        Single RF Front-End for Multi-GNSS frequency bands