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Single Chip Tuner for DVB-S2 Receiver

Product Overview
The AV2018 is a highly integrated silicon tuner for DVB-S2 standard. It integrates a synthesizer, crystal oscillator, LDO, loop through path, and a direct conversion receiver including LNA, RF variable gain amplifiers, Mixer, programmable channel filter, and PGA. 
The low noise figure of the receiver and the loop through path eliminates the need of an external LNA. The integrated crystal oscillator can provide a reference clock for demodulator. The LDO supplies all the internal blocks that only an external voltage source is required. The AV2018 requires only a small number of external components, thus enables very competitive design.
The AV2018 implements an automatic gain control mechanism that only an analog control signal from the demodulator is required to form a close-loop gain control. The mechanism will arrange the gain of the receiver blocks to achieve best performance according to the control signal voltage. The embedded automatic calibration mechanism provides precise control of channel filter bandwidth and DC offset, no additional calibration procedure is required.
Key Features
• Input RF Frequency: 950MHz to 2150MHz
• Single +3.3V Power Supply
• Embedded LNA, Mixer, VCO, crystal oscillator, and LDO
• Low Noise Figure: 5dB, typical
• Embedded DC offset Cancellation Circuit
• Programmable channel filter with bandwidth from 4MHz to 40MHz
• Automatic gain control
• Embedded RF signal loop through path
• Single-ended I/Q interface
• 2-wire serial control interface
• QFN3*3mm 16pin package
• ​DVB-S2 Setup Box