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Product Overview

AB1120J is a single-chip IC for HID applications, which supports Bluetooth system version 3.0 features including AFH function. It supports sniff sub-rating for longer battery life & faster re-connect. Bluetooth 3.0 simple-pairing mechanism is also implemented. It complies with RF transceiver, baseband processor, PMU, switching regulator, Boost regulator and Li-ion battery charger. Several Serial Communication Interfaces including UART, I2C and SPI are supported.

Key Features

• Compliant with Bluetooth 3.0 specifications

• HID profile version 1.0 compliant
• 21 Programmable GPIOs
• Supports 3 axis detection
• Supports SPI interface with 3/4-wire mode to sensor IC
• Supports I2C EEPROM interface
• Supports UART interface for firmware downloading and peripheral control
• Embedded 2 LED drivers with fader
• Low cost ROM based design with customer code support
• Embedded power management unit
• Integrated 1.8V Buck and 2.7~3.3V Boost switching regulator
• Integrated Li-mode battery charger
• Single RF port for transmitter and receiver
• Supported Profiles: HID
• QFN 6mmx6mm 48 pin package