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World’s 1st Bluetooth Single Chip for 3D Active
Shutter Glasses Application

Product Overview

AB1128 is an optimized single-chip solution which integrates Bluetooth baseband, radio, shutter control switch, and EEPROM for active 3D shutter glasses applications. It complies with Bluetooth system version 3.0. The built-in firmware integrates Bluetooth 3D sync profile.

Key Features

 Shutter control for 3D glasses
 Integrated 1.8V buck switching regulator
 Integrated 1.8V/3V LDO regulator
 Integrated 10V DC-DC converter for shutter driver voltage
 Integrated four analog switch for shutter driver
 Embedded on-chip EEPROM
 RoHS Compliant
 QFN 5x5 40 Package

Typical 3D Glasses Application