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Product Overview

AB1010S is a single-chip IC for Headset/Handsfree applications, which supports
Bluetooth system version 3.0+EDR features. It supports simple-pairing for easy
connection, and eSCO for improved audio quality. It complies with RF transceiver,
baseband processor, PMU, and switching regulator. Several serial communication
interfaces including UART and I2C are supported.

Key Features

• Compliant with Bluetooth 3.0+EDR specifications
• Headset profile version 1.2 compliant
• Handsfree profile version 1.5 compliant
• Supports simple-pairing for easy connection & eSCO for improved audio quality
• Support update EEPROM by air
• A-law/u-law and CVSD Codec embedded
• Embedded earphone amplifier with variable gain control
• Embedded low noise bias voltage supply for external microphone
• Embedded Ring-tone generator
• Supports up to four buttons with power key function
• Supports 8 GPIOs
• Supports I2C EEPROM interface
• Supports UART interface for firmware downloading and peripheral control
• Embedded 2 LED drivers with fader
• Low cost ROM based design with configurable MMI settings in EEPROM
• Embedded power management unit
• Integrated 1.8V switching regulator, LDO regulator and Li-mode battery charger
• Single RF port for transmitter and receiver
• QFN 6x6 48 package
• RoHS Compliant