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AB1568 is a Bluetooth 5.2 dual mode certified single chip solution, integrated Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Highly efficient PMIC for extremely low power consumption. AB1568 is optimized for use in TWS, Stereo headset, speaker.., and provides great audio performance, crystal voice and advanced music quality in most of the Bluetooth audio applications.
A Tensilica HiFi Mini processor is embedded for the I/O peripheral control, protocol stack and DSP processing functions of AB1568. New generation echo cancellation and noise reduction schemes improved audio quality of the voice calls on the headset products.
AB1568 also supports Airoha MCSync(Multi cast synchronization) technology which allows earbuds to seamlessly switch between the left and right earbud for a more balanced sound with low latency.

Platform Host processor
•ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU and MPU
•Maximum speed 208MHz
•192kB memory
DSP processor
•Cadence® HiFi Mini®Audio Engine DSP coprocessor
•Maximum speed: 416MHz
•704kB memory
Bluetooth and Audio
•Bluetooth 5.2 Qualified
•BR, EDR, Bluetooth Low Energy, Dual-mode Bluetooth
•Support Bluetooth low energy isochronous channel
Power management
•Highly integration PMU built in LDO and bucks
•Supports BC1.2 charger detection
•Li-ion battery charger from for internal charging
•Over-current and thermal overload protection
•Precision voltage measurement for fuel gauge
•System in Package (SiP) 64Mb flash memory
•The maximum sample rate is 192 KHz and data precision is 24-bit
•Side-tone filter
•Hardware Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)
•Hardware Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)
-Feedforward ANC
-Hybrid ANC
•16/24-bit data addressing format
•mono or stereo data transactions
•Hardware gain control
•Noise suppression and echo cancellation
•Multiband Programmable EQ and Dynamic Range Control
•Ambient sound
•Voice assistant support
•Reference IOS and Android smart phone APP
•Voice prompt
•SW development kit and tool support
•TFBGA of 5mm*5mm package
•Stereo headset, TWS, Speaker, Soundbar and subwoofer, BT Dongle and transmitter